Red Flags and Best Practices
Red Flags and Best Practices

As guardians of trust in the real estate market, it's imperative we stay on high alert for signs of fraud. The integrity of our transactions and the safety of our clients depend on our diligence. 🏠💼

Be on the lookout for these common red flags that might signal fraudulent activities:

  • Absentee Owners: If it's difficult to get in touch with the property owner or they're always unavailable, proceed with caution.
  • Rush to Close: Any undue haste to finalize the deal without proper checks should raise an eyebrow.
  • Unusually Low Prices or All-Cash Offers: Deals that appear too favorable or offers bypassing traditional financial scrutiny need a closer look.
  • No Show at Closing: A party's absence at closing, especially without a valid reason, could indicate foul play.

These indicators are just the beginning. Our role extends beyond facilitating transactions; we're here to protect the real estate market's integrity and ensure a safe environment for all stakeholders. 🛡️

Let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and collectively work to detect and prevent any attempts at real estate fraud. Together, we're not just stronger; we're unstoppable.

Stay informed, stay safe, and let’s uphold the excellence and trustworthiness that define us at KCBOR.

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